Tongkat Ali (known botanically as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) is found in the highly lush and virgin tropical rain forests of Indonesia and has been PROVEN to increase the body's production of free testosterone, the crucial male hormone that maintains your sex drive, potency, muscle mass and strength, fat distribution, bone mass and sperm production -- In short, Testosterone is at the very essence of a man's well being.

The Organic Herbal Supply - ULTIMATE TONGKAT - Tongkat Ali Extract is the best. Why only buy 40 capsules and pay $67 when you can get our 60 capsules for only $59.99 (Over 40% less) According to the US Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the bioactive ingredients that make the herb popular for its testosterone boosting properties require a longer time to produce. That's why we insist on using only roots that are 10 years older from the natural rainforest habitat of Indonesia, to ensure product excellence. Also the bioactive ingredients in Tongkat Ali roots are extremely low. Hence ULTIMATE TONGKAT is manufactured using 200 gm of wild-crafted Tongkat Ali roots to obtain just 1 gm of extract, the highest extract strength in the market. THEN We Capsulate it in America at an FDA licensed facility. GMP certified. When you combine the strength of the extract along with the stringent production process, you can be assured of quality and efficacy ULTIMATE TONGKAT.

Our Focus : Producing the Highest Quality Tongkat Ali Extract that Really Works, in a safe certified factory so you know the product quality will be there. Why pay more when the best quality and quantity is right here. We back this up with our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Please note, the use of this product is for cycling, such as 5 days on 2 days off, or 10 days on 5 days off...

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Ultimate Tongkat Ali, 200:1 Tongkat Ali Extract

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